Victoria Group has made several major investments in Sojaprotein, the most important being the construction of a plant for processing traditional soybean protein concentrates, with a processing capacity of 70,000 tons per year. The value of this investment was EUR 30 million and the plant, which became operational in September 2012, has made this factory a leading complex in Europe, by integrating all soybean processing phases. Due to their high concentration of protein, the products manufactured in this new plant are most widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

A significant part of our investment plan is investing in renewable energy sources - a biomass power plant, intended to optimise energy independence and efficiency, has been installed in the Sojaprotein factory. This investment has reduced fossil fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, in line with the company’s environmental conservation policy which is applied by Victoria Group, as a socially responsible company, and all its members.

Sojaprotein possesses cutting-edge technological equipment made by the world’s best-known manufacturers. Special attention is devoted to continually keeping abreast of innovation and employing new knowledge about soybean processing. Maximum utilisation of production capacities and increased productivity allow us to continually invest in new apparatus and modernising the plant and thus, thanks to the installation of new equipment, the factory’s annual capacity has increased from 160,000t to 250,000t of processed soybean. New mills have been installed, which have doubled the production of full-fat and fat-free flour; a new textured product production line has also been installed in line with all the requirements of food industry standards. Product packaging has been substantially improved with new flour and textured product bagging lines, plus an automated bag palletising line. The construction of a new warehouse with space for 14,000 pallets has improved the receipt, storage and dispatch of finished products.