Actions and partners

Victoria Group, together with member companies, provided financial assistance and in-kind donations with a total value of RSD 15,000,000 for the most vulnerable citizens and for repairing the damage caused by the flood in Serbia, in May 2014. In addition, Victoria Group’s employees collected 500 kg of different goods and delivered them to the Red Cross of Serbia.

In 2013 Victoria Group donated EUR 250,000 to the Urgent Care Centre of Clinical Centre of Serbia. This grant has enabled the construction of two state-of-the-art operating theatres for liver and kidney transplantations, as well as an intensive care unit for the post-operative recovery of patients. Complete renovation of these theatres was preceded by another grant from Victoria Group, used to purchase two medical machines (Pathfast and EEG-1200K).

In July 2013 the company donated 100 anti-hail rockets to the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Sector for Emergency Management, in order to protect citizens and domestic agricultural crops from storms.

Also by entering into the agreement regarding a three-year sponsorship for Amela Terzić’s preparations for the 2016 Olympic Games, with the Athletics Federation of Serbia, Victoria Group became the first member of the 2016 Rio athletics sponsors pool. Victoria Group awarded Ivana Španović and Emir Bekrić each with gift cheques for RSD 570,000 for their success achieved in sport.

Participation in the campaign for organized and systematic solution of housing issues for refugees and internally displaced persons resulted in closing down of an informal shelter in Zrenjanin, which led to the provision of housing units for 11 families.

Victoria Group is a permanent sponsor of soup kitchens that take care of the basic needs of 40,000 residents of Kosovo’s enclaves. Taking part in the charity action, "Food for everyone", company donated EUR 600,000 worth of goods to the Food Bank.

Victoria Group provided five incubators for premature-born babies to the Children and Youth Health Protection Institute of Vojvodina in Novi Sad. Company also provided hospital beds, wheelchairs and medical supplies for the Children Clinic in Tiršova Street, as well as equipment for gastroenterological surgery.

As part of our program of support for the most vulnerable groups, long-term partnerships and support for many organizations and citizens’ associations have been achieved:

  •     Red Cross of Serbia
  •     Clinical centre of Serbia
  •     Children Clinic in Tiršova Street
  •     Athletics Federation of Serbia
  •     Ministry of Internal Affairs – Sector for Emergency Management
  •     Campaign “Battle for babies”
  •     Campaign “Food for everyone”
  •     Red Cross Šid
  •     Red Cross Novi Bečej
  •     Red Cross Bačka Palanka
  •     Health Centre Šid
  •     Student Association "Agrostud" - Faculty  of Agriculture
  •     Faculty  of Agriculture Belgrade
  •     Faculty  of Agriculture Novi Sad
  •     Agriculture school Futog
  •     Veterinary Institute of Serbia, Belgrade
  •     Faculty of Medicine Belgrade
  •     Veterinary faculty Belgrade
  •     Faculty for economy, finances and administration (FEFA)
  •     Foundation Aleksandar Karađorđević for culture and education
  •     Unicef - Friends Club
  •     Charity organization "maliVeliki ljudi"
  •     Charity organization "Liceulice"
  •     Youth with dissabilities Forum
  •     Foundation Humano srce Šapca
  •     Centre "Živeti uspravno"
  •     Charity organization “Dečje srce“
  •     Charity organization “Prijatelji u nevolji“
  •     Association "Uvek sa decom"
  •     SOS Dečije selo
  •     Shelter Nikola Šumenković, Stamnica
  •     Dušan Dugalić school for children with dissabilities
  •     Dystrophics' association Šumadija
  •     Association for information of the blind citizens „Humanost“
  •     Paraplegic Association of Srem
  •     Mulitiple sclerosis association
  •     Association of war invalids in Belgrade
  •     Roma children charity centre „Vlaški Romi“
  •     Association Friends of Bečej children
  •     SOS Women's Center
  •     Nature preservation society "Tikvara"
  •     Ecology movement Šid
  •     Ecology magazine „EKOlist“
  •     Disabled citizens sport association, Kragujevac
  •     Paraolimpic association of Serbia
  •     KK Ikar for children with special needs
  •     Eparchy Raško-prizrenska
  •     Morović Church
  •     Foundation of solidarity of Serbia
  •     St. Nikola's temple in Bečej
  •     Monastery Bođani
  •     SPC Eparchy Timočka
  •     Monastery St. Petka Petkovica
  •     Zoological garden Palić
  •     Animal shelter Bečej

and many other organisations.