Victoria Group participated in the Round Table on soybean production at the Agricultural Fair

As part of the 82nd International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, a Round Table was held on the topic of the future of soybean production in Serbia, in order to point out the importance of this topic and to determine the impact of market liberalization on the production of soybean.

The gathering was opened by Andrä Rupprechter, Austrian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, the Environment, and Water Management and Danilo Golubović, State Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia. The Round Table also saw the participation of Nikola Vujačić, Director of Operations for Victoria Group, who gave a presentation on the topic “The future of the production and processing of GM-free soybean in Serbia”. He used this opportunity to point out that Sojaprotein, a member of Victoria Group, exclusively processes non-GMO soybean, whose origin and quality undergo a strict control, giving a competitive edge to the company in foreign markets and especially the European market, which accounts for more than 90% of its exports. Nikola Vujačić also pointed out the importance of implementing international standards, including the Danube Soya standard, as well as the importance of the continued production of non-GMO soybean in Serbia due to economic interests and the position in the European market.