Victoria Group provided aid in commodities for Kosovo enclaves' citizens

Victoria Group has participated in the project, "Food for the Enclaves", in the organization of the B92 Fund which raised significant funds for the administration of soup kitchens in Kosovo.

Victoria Group sent to the central warehouse in Prekovce in Kosovo 1000 kilograms of seed, 1200 kg of NATURA fertilizer for sowing and 5890 pieces of canned vegetables, to be delivered to  2000 of the poorest citizens hence supporting the production of food in greenhouses of the soup kitchens. Victoria Group has donated funds to the population of Kosovo for many years - in 2011 alone, it donated 70,000 pounds of flour, 1,500 liters of Iskon oil and 2980 pounds of salt. In addition to Victoria Group and the B92, help was given to the enclaves by the companies Elixir Group, Polimark, Henkel, MK Group and Cayenne.

The NGO, "Majka devet Jugovica", urged donors to assist in the institutionalization of six soup kitchens operated by this organisation while Bishop of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren, Theodosius also gave his support for these actions.