soprotex-n odresci

Textured Soybean Flour - Slices


SOPROTEX-N SLICES are textured products manufactured in an up-to-date procedure of extruding flour made of soybean with higher protein content. They are a source of proteins, i.e. essential amino acids and protective substances: minerals and vitamins that are significant for the entire metabolism. Anti-nutritive factors are deactivated using appropriate heat treatment, thus increasing protein utilization. SOPROTEX-N SLICES products have high nutritional and biological values. The products are characterised by a structural integrity that remains the same during hydration, cooking, sterilisation and other similar procedures. The products have a specific shape resembling meat steaks. Because of their exceptional nutritive and biological values, as well as its meat-like structure, they can be used to replace meat in the diet of those consumers who are especially attentive to healthy and economical nutrition.


Catering Industry

The application of soybean products in the catering industry has both nutritional and economic justification. The nutritional values and sensory properties are improved while their energy and cholesterol values are reduced. Soybean products are especially recommended for the preparation of foodstuffs intended for dietetic nutrition (hospitals and institutions for children). Slices can be used in dishes containing meat or can be cooked as a separate dish for a vegetarian diet in combination with vegetables, cheese and sauces.