Presentation of high-protein and gluten-free breads in Sojaprotein

Last week, a presentation was organized in Sojaprotein along with a tasting of high-protein and gluten-free breads made by adding five different types of flour from the product range of the company.

The Sojaprotein team responsible for the development and expansion of the bakery and fine bakery product range in cooperation with the Institute of Food Technology (FINS) prepared some “test” breads with a greater percentage of soybean protein, as well as gluten-free buns. The attendees on that occasion filled in a “consumer test” which investigates the perception of consumers in choosing consumer goods. All the breads received excellent marks, which is an incentive for the Sojaprotein development team to continue their research.

This tasting started the promotion of innovative formulations of bakery products with soybean proteins for special categories of consumers. These kinds of formulations will in the future be more sought after in the market, having in mind that adjustment of the national law for bakery products and fine bakery products to be compatible with EU regulations is expected during the next year, but also having in mind that consumers nowadays expect their bread to be a highly nutritious food item, of controlled quality, and with additional health benefits.