Sojaprotein Management Change

Sojaprotein, a Victoria Group member company, hereby informs its partners, shareholders and competent authorities of a change in senior management.

Starting from April 2018, the new General Manager of Sojaprotein is Mr. Marko Abramović. Mr. Abramović is experienced in the oilseed business having worked at Vital, where he was General Manager. In addition, he also has a lot of experience in the banking sector, having worked at Banca Intesa.

With his competencies regarding the management of production plants for oilseed processing and financial management, Mr. Abramović will contribute to the improvement of Sojaprotein’s business performance. The goals for the future include the improvement of the company's position on new soy protein concentrate markets and continuous growth of business performance.

Mr. Siniša Košutić, who had managed Sojaprotein for the past four years, will become the Director of the Division for Oil and Protein Production at Victoria Group and General Manager of Victoriaoil.