Victoria Group winner of “My choice 2014” award for investing in the healthcare sector

At the “My Choice 2014” award ceremony, the company Victoria Group was recognised for its investments in the healthcare sector, namely for the refurbishing of the Emergency Urology department of the Emergency Centre of the Clinical Centre of Serbia. A donation of EUR 200,000, made by Victoria Group in 2013, was used to construct two state-of-the–art operating rooms for liver and kidney transplants, and an intensive care unit for patients in post-operational recovery.

This refurbishing project was preceded by another donation of EUR 50,000, also made by Victoria Group, for the procurement of two medical devices – the EEG-1200K and Pathfast apparatuses used to determine septicaemia biomarkers, one of the leading causes of death in intensive care patients.

“On behalf of the Emergency Centre of the Clinical Centre of Serbia, I wish to congratulate Victoria Group on this award and to use the opportunity to extend my gratitude for the donation used for the refurbishing of an operating theatre and the construction of another, as well as for the opening of the liver transplant unit. This donation made it possible to perform liver transplants in Belgrade once again, after a full decade; at the same time, this is the first liver transplant performed in the Emergency Centre. The operating theatres have provided better conditions and increased the capacity for the treatment of emergency conditions and, as a result, over 300 patients have been treated in this unit. Once again, we are most grateful to Victoria Group, but also to all other companies who choose to invest in the healthcare sector for the benefit of all the people in Serbia” – said Dr. Mirjana Mihajlovski, assistant director of the Emergency Centre.

“My Choice” is awarded in the field of social responsibility by the association “My Serbia”, in cooperation with the City of Belgrade and with the support of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and the office of the vice-president of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. The primary goal of this traditional project is to promote and recognise those companies which operate in a responsible manner and take care of their employees, the environment, local community, and society in general. The decision on this year’s winners was delivered by the commission consisting of representatives of reputable domestic organisations and institutions headed by Dr. Vladimir Marinković, vice-president of the National Assembly of Serbia.

Victoria Group, together with its 10 companies, has a long tradition in investing into the development of agriculture, protection of the environment, food safety and food quality, as well as in participation in socially responsible projects aimed at supporting the development of the local communities in which they operate. The company pays special attention to vulnerable groups of people – orphans, disabled individuals, people whose existence and health is at serious risk, with the focus on finding systematic solutions to meet the needs of the citizens of Serbia. The donation granted to the Emergency Centre is a long-term, sustainable investment whereby Victoria Group continues to invest into the treatment and support of citizens who require medical assistance.

In addition to Victoria Group, “My Choice 2014” recognised several other companies in a range of categories: NIS Gazprom, Telekom Serbia, MK Group, Coca-Cola, Eurobank, Telenor, Vip mobile, Trayal Corporation, Banca Intesa, ProCredit Bank, Univerexport, Mona, Biomelem, and Mountain Rescue Service.