Defatted Lightly Toasted Soybean Flour


SOPRO-UTB is a product obtained by processing soybean with high protein contents. SOPRO-UTB is a unique source of proteins with high dispersibility in water, or essential amino acids and protective substances – minerals and vitamins that are important for the overall metabolism. SOPRO-UTB is valuable for its high nutritional and biological values and its functional properties (emulgation and stabilisation, a high affinity for water absorption and binding, dispersion, fat emuslification, easily forms protein netting, improvement of the structure and antioxidant action). Owing to the presence of the lipoxygenase enzyme, it is a good bleaching agent. In order to deactivate the anti-nutritive factors contained in soybean, subsequent thermal treatment of products supplemented with SOPRO-UTB is required.


Baking Industry

Owing to the partial presence of the lipoxygenase enzyme, it is a good bleaching agent of the bread interior. Because of its high contents of high-value proteins, it is usually used for the preparation of special bread types where making the interior as white as possible is desired, and it does not influence the taste and scent even if dosed in higher percentages. Depending on the effects that are expected from the product and its purpose, it is dosed at 3-10 percent, calculated relative to the quantity of wheat flour, with the use of gluten flour as required. SOPROUTB serves as a very good correcting agent for reaching a prescribed protein level. It improves the rheological properties of the dough, the crust colour and the structure of the interior. The quantity of added water should be proportionally increased with the quantity of added SOPRO-UBT, which prolongs the freshness of the product.

Pasta Industry

SOPRO-UTB is recommended for the preparation of special pasta types (pasta with soybean, protein pasta, high-protein pasta and pasta for persons suffering from diabetes) with quantities of 12 30 percent relative to the quantity of wheat flour, which increases its nutritional value. The addition of this flour facilitates mechanical dough processing and reduces dough adhesiveness. Owing to the presence of the lipoxygenase enzyme, bleaching the dough is achieved.