soprotex-n and soprotex-h

Textured Soybean Flour - Minced and Chunks 


SOPROTEX are textured products manufactured in an up-to-date procedure of extruding flour made of soybean with higher protein content. SOPROTEX are textured products in the form of chunks, minced and small minced. They are a source of proteins, i.e. essential amino acids and protective materials: minerals and vitamins that are significant for the entire metabolism. Anti-nutritive factors are deactivated using adequate heat treatment, thus increasing protein utilization. SOPROTEX products have a high nutritional and biological value. The products are characterised by a structural integrity that remains the same during hydration, cooking, sterilisation and other similar procedures. They have a high absorption capacity for water, fat and meat juices, they enhance the stability of systems, prevent fat separation and have antioxidant effects.


Meat Industry

In the meat industry, minced and small minced forms are mainly used. The colour selection of the product depends on the type of meat used for the final product. They are predominantly used as extenders (partly replacing meat in the recipes), although they also show certain emulsifying properties when a 100-200 mesh granulation is used. These products are at their most effective in their hydrated state, with a recommended hydration of 1 : 2 to 1 : 3. They can be used in various types of sausages and in chopped and shaped meat products.

Baking Industry

SOPROTEX has a high water absorption capacity, enhances the stability of systems and has antioxidant effects. Its structural integrity ensures water retention during baking. It is useful in the production of bread and pastry. The recommended quantity of SOPROTEX in a dry form is 3-5% as calculated per quantity of wheat flour. After adding a quantity of soybean texturates, an additional quantity of water in the ratio 1 : 3 must be added. Consequently, the output is increased and a positive economic effect is gained. The increased moisture content also prolongs the product’s freshness. No change in colour is observed in bread slices. SOPROTEX is an excellent rectifier of protein contents in special types of bread.

Catering Industry

The application of soybean products in the catering industry has both a nutritional and economic function. The nutritional values and sensory properties of the dishes prepared in this way are significantly improved while their energy and cholesterol values are reduced. SOPROTEX products are used in the preparation of all types of hot and cold dishes made of minced and chopped meat and meat slices. The application of these products is specifically recommended for the preparation of foodstuffs intended for dietetic foods.