tradkon SPC-500P

Chemical charateristics

Composition Guaranteed values
Protein* (N x 625) as is min. 62,0 % (I)
Water max. 8,0 % (I)
Fat* max. 0,5% (I)
Fiber* max. 5,0 % (I)
Ash* max. 7,0 % (I)
*moisture free basis The result obtained by: (I) analysis

Other charateristics

Colors light brown
Flavour product inherent
Odour neutral
Appearance granular

Variations are possible in the values provided depeniding on the crude soybean quality. Traditional soybean concentrates are manufactured from controlled, non-genetically modified soybean (GMO <0.9%).

Product title Product code Granulation Individual paciking Number of bags on the pallet Net weight (pallet)
TRADKON SPC-500P BFC100000401 coarse 25 kg 30 750 kg
TRADKON SPC-500P BFC100000412 coarse big bag 1 1000 kg
TRADKON SPC-500P BFC100000403 coarse in bulk - -

Product use

TRADKON SPC-500P is primarily used for piglet and poultry feed and for pet food.