Traditional TRADKON SPC HC soy protein concentrates are components for the food processing industry, i.e. for human consumption (HC).


Meat Industry

TRADKON SPC HC products are used in the meat industry primarily due to their high protein levels with corresponding amino acid content, and based on this they are used as nutritive extenders or as a substitute for a part of meat proteins. They are predominantly used as a substitute for red meat (pork or beef), and for chicken and fish meat.

Confectionery Industry

TRADKON SPC HC products are used as nutritional supplements in the confectionery industry in amounts of up to 5 percent, especially for the purpose of increasing the protein content, which is of special importance because these products are primarily intended for persons of a young age. This improves the fineness and the structure of confectionery products and prolongs their freshness.

Pasta Industry

They are used in the preparation of pasta types of usual contents and the preparation of special pasta types for increasing the nutritional and biological value.

Catering Industry

They are used in the preparation of meals in canteen-like setting in order to improve the organoleptic properties, nutritional values and the durability of the products.

Dietetic Products

They are used in the production of various dietetic products providing additional nutrition for professional athletes and amateurs.